DEAL: Subway UK – Free 6 Inch Sub with Purchase of 21 oz Drink or Bottled Water (22 September 2016)

subway-customer-appreciationUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  United KingdomOn Thursday 22 September 2016, Subway are bringing back Subway Customer Appreciation Day, with a great offer on that day only at participating stores.

To celebrate the event, you’ll get a Free 6 Inch Sub when you purchase a 21 oz Drink or Bottled Water! This will set you back around £1 to £1.50, depending on the drink.

This deal’s over, but check out Gloves for Subs day on 25 October where you’ll get a Sub and drink for £1!

To take advantage of this deal and to locate your closest Subway store, click here. Note not all stores are participating.

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried out this deal, or if you’ve had any trouble getting it!

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23 Responses

  1. Per says:

    Just went to claim my free sandwich at the local store (Chaddesden) and It was refused

  2. Charlene says:

    Was refused in Winton Bournemouth dorset

  3. Jay says:

    Refused in Liverpool town centre. FAIL!

  4. J-lo says:

    Refused in Liverpool. Only available in anglia apparently.

  5. Subman says:

    It’s only in the Anglian region. See subway website for store list.

  6. Sophie Reed says:

    Was refused in felling

  7. Kim says:

    They dont do it in Scotland not very fair

  8. Matt says:

    refused in East Grinstead

  9. Annoyed says:

    Refused in Birmingham city centre too. I guess Subway only appreciate customers in selected cities.

  10. Steve says:

    Refused in Crouch End London… what a swizz.

  11. Charloe says:

    Worked in Southend (fairway) 1 per customer only though

  12. Helen says:

    So where on the advert dos it say one per customer?

  13. Jacqui says:

    was refused in Glasgow – apparently Scottish stores are not include din this deal 🙁

  14. Unimpressed says:

    Was refused on lockhurst lane Coventry

  15. Not impressed says:

    refused, lockhurst lane coventry… con

  16. Mark says:

    Refused in Sheffield. Both stores.

  17. Steve says:

    Fed up of seeing people complain! Here’s the list, if you’re not on there, there’s no free sub for you!

  18. P says:

    Portsmouth aren’t doing it apparently, but I got it in St albans

  19. bob says:

    Only in Anglia

  20. Sumbal says:

    No one in East Ham or bekton doing this offer they told us that every subway hawe their on owner that’s y they don’t do !!!! I don’t understand Sabway is a Chen store like MC Donald’s ! Wen MC Donald have any offer so you can get from any store they lie like Sabway that they have difrent owner ?????I was so disappointed

  21. Ric says:

    Refused in Newcastle

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